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  • Smiling Bear's koala plush toys by Bandai
  • Smiling Bear's koala plush toys by Bandai
  • Smiling Bear's koala plush toys by Bandai
  • Smiling Bear's koala plush toys, case and purse by Bandai
  • Smiling Bear's koala plush toys swing tag
  • Smiling Bear's koala plush toys by Bandai
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  1. Great Story

    Posted by JoEllen on 29th Jun 2015

    I loved reading your story and seeing your illustrations ... and couldn't resist buying a smiling bear! Smiling Bear is the cutest thing ever!

  2. Absofreakinlutely Adorable

    Posted by Margaret Raphael on 24th Feb 2015

    The cutest thing ever! How can you not smile when you see it. Hats off and tons of sales to help the AKF

Koala Plush Toy 4-inch Clip-On


Product Specification

22.00 Grams

Product Description

With Smiling Bear 4–inch koala plush, now you too can Smile More.

You'll have no choice but to Smile More when you own one of these cute plushies. They’re just so adorable, perfect for that 'cuddle a koala’ urge you’ve been having!

Product Details Fast (for plush in a rush)
• Official Smiling Bear® character merchandise
• We are donating 10% of our sales profits to the Aus Koala Foundation
• Smiling Bear® is an Australian owned company and character
Shipping internationally to all territories worldwide

• Super soft and stroke-able plush of the highest quality
• Embroidered Smile features and Smile More message
• Plastic clip for attachment to backpack or other bag

• Product Dimensions in millimeters: (H)30 x (W)90 x (L)160
• Shipping Weight in grams: 22
• Item Code: 06226
• Recommended Age: 3 years and above – product is fully safety tested
• Care Instructions: Wipe surface clean with damp cloth, air dry
• Materials: Polyester fibers
• Product Origin: China (no plush is made in Australia)

Smile More With Smiling Bear
Smiling Bear is a cute kawaii Australian koala bear character that celebrates a fun, feel-good attitude to life. His message is simple, Smile More. It's time to share this message around the world. Each product has the Smile More message clearly embroidered on it, reminding you to always look for the positive in things.

Smiling Bear Plush – Classic Range
This 4-inch clip-on plush, with signature red vest (or singlet if you’re an Aussie!) is great for hanging from your backpack, keychain, belt loops or anywhere else you fancy! Great way to pledge your allegiance to our Smile More Society™

Why You Need This
Are you a collector of cute? If you’re a plushie fanatic or collector of all things cute and kawaii then these koala bears are for you. Looking for something to funkify your backpack? Want a little lucky charm to bring you some smile? Or are you just after a koala clip-on you haven’t seen before? Whatever your reason, this 4-inch clip-on koala plush is the perfect choice.

An Aussie Bearing Gifts
Koalas are only found wild in Australia, and as such our Smiling Bear koala products make unique Australian gifts. Are you on holiday in Australia, visiting your family, studying as a foreign student or maybe even backpacking as part of a world tour? These plush make a great gift, a souvenir to remind you of your fun times spent here in Australia. 

They're also perfect to send to an Aussie who’s living overseas, a cute reminder of the good life back home, in the land down under. What’s that…you’ve never been to Australia? No worries mate! What better way to aspire to our laid-back lifestyle than with one of these cute plush toys to keep you company! 

Our Partnership With Bandai
These cute plushies and accessories have been developed under license by Bandai, combining their expertise as a global giant in the field of toys, with our unique point of view and popularity of this cute little Australian koala, Smiling Bear. Bandai are a Japanese toy and video game company, and are one of the world's largest producer of toys. They are known for their extremely high quality products and attention to detail.

Cool Koala Fact For Kids – No.3
Koalas are not bears, they are actually marsupials. Upon arriving in Australia, early European settlers thought the koala looked like a bear, and so they became known as “koala bears”. This common confusion continues today, and has become a big part of the koalas charm and mystery.

Legal Information
Smiling Bear® is a registered trademark.
©Guy Paterson, Smiling Bear Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Full copyright and legal information